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Funeral Financing

The untimely death of a loved one can become more difficult if paying for their funeral expenses is an issue. Many funeral homes and cemeteries and florist require full payment prior to services being provided.


If your loved one did not have a pre-paid arrangement with a funeral home, no life insurance and you have limited cash or available credit, obtaining a loan can help.


For some, an emergency hardship loan from their 401k or retirement account is a possibility.  However, that process can take up to two weeks to complete and usually has tax implications for the borrower.


One option is Avant.com.  They have a quick and simple online funeral loan application with an immediate response for the amount of credit and rate you may qualify for. This allows you to make the funeral arrangements with confidence knowing what your budget is.


The site is a completely separate company from the funeral home and they deal directly with the family member applying.  Upon qualification, they transfer the loan amount directly to the approved applicant.


Click the link below to find out more about their services.  You will leave our site and open theirs in a new window.

AVANT.COM - Direct to Consumer Loans